Monday, 19 December 2011

Temple Without Walls

Sowthadka Mahaganapathi Temple, 20km from popular pilgrimage center, Dharmasthala in Dakshina Kannada, is unique in the sense that it has no temple structure.

 Sowthadka Sri Mahaganapathi Temple, KokkadaThis temple nestled in tranquil natural surroundings is open round the clock for offering prayers, with simple worshipping opportunity to the public. Devotees themselves have the opportunity to perform pooja to Lord Ganapathi. It is not crowded as most of the popular temples are. With lush greenery around and Lord Ganapathi in middle of it, this place is ideal for meditation. If you are looking for calm, serene surroundings, this is the place for you. Main Deity of the Sowthadka Temple, Shree MahaganapthiWell, I see these settings continuing the ancient Indian tradition of worshipping the nature. One can also see a lot of cows freely wandering around the place of worship. Monkeys can also be seen jumping from tree to tree. Prasada of the pooja is also offered to these animals. Thus, love towards animals is nurtured. Simplicity of this place is sure to delight you.There is also a park near the temple, where there is a statue of Lord Shiva.Sowthadka, greenery all around.

Bit of History : Long ago, a temple was in control of a Royal family. During one of the battles, the temple was destroyed. At that time, cowherds in and around this area took away the Mahaganapathi idol and started worshipping wherever they went and finally installing the idol here at Sowthadka. They were growing cucumber and during their worship started offering same to Lord Mahaganapathi of this temple. In Kannada, "sowthe" means cucumber and "adka" means meadow hence the name "Sowthadka". No temple structure has been allowed as per the traditional norms.


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