Thursday, 22 December 2011

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the longest; stretching over 1700 meters.

Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of water, with an incredible 546 million cubic meters of water falling down its 328 foot drop every minute during flood season. This waterfall lies on the course of the Zambezi river; an epic interruption in its constant flow.

Victoria Falls’ beauty is unparalleled by the fact that there is another cliff edge facing the curtain of water, but one which is dry; giving visitors the ideal spot with which to view this natural wonder. However, the spray from such a huge amount of water travels for miles and anyone coming close to the falls is likely to get wet! Many tourists choose to hike around the falls, take the train over the Victoria Falls Bridge to look down into the gorge below, and also fly over it for spectacular views.

For the nearby Mukuni Village, Victoria Falls has brought a great deal of industry as visitors like to see their annual Lwiindi Festival (held each July) and also visit the Mosi O Tunya National Park when they visit. This wonder is certainly not short of things to do and ways to see it and the area makes a great week-long holiday in itself.


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